Heritage Town Development Plans

The Government of Tamil Nadu is concerned about protection of the general environment of our priceless Heritage Towns and decided to take up the conservation and development of these towns. Government identified 38 towns and notified them as heritage Towns. Government also ordered the Director of Town and Country Planning to act as the nodal agency to prepare development plans for the towns by appointing consultants and professionals. The Directorate has prepared development plan for these notified Heritage Towns. Tirunelveli is one of the notified heritage town. As per the Government order, construction activities are regulated in the area within 1 km radius surrounding the heritage sites of these notified 38 heritage towns by imposing a restriction on the height of the buildings allowing only to a maximum of 9 m. As far as Tirunelveli is concerned, Arulmgu Swamy Nellaiyappar Temple is considered as a heritage structure and the height restriction of buildings are imposed.